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DRILLClock Timers For Coaching Athletics
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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of yours and our lives. We want to help keep your DRILLClock timer ready for your practice field. Get your timer out and charge the battery, then check it out for proper operation. It has been a while since you used it so don't hesitate to ask for help if you have problems getting it going. Call or email to any of the links on this sight. Avatar Custom Electronics would like to offer you warranty service regardless of how long you have had your timer. What that means is that if you will send your timer to us we will repair and return it to you. Items repaired or replaced would include any thing that keeps your DRILLClock from operating and displaying as it should. Go to the main page and click on the Service link and follow the instructions.
We appreciate your business now and later!

Thank you!
The Avatar Team
DM1-100 Timer System with MAX20 20inch display
Flat rate shipping $75.00

We offer the DM1-100 TIMER System with 15 Inch numbers for $795.00 or with 20 Inch numbers for $875.00. If you prefer an AC power supply we will switch out the battery pack for a 120VAC power supply. If you have questions or need more information you can contact us by Email or by phone. We want our timer on your practice field!

Phone Toll Free: 1-866-467-9313
Our goal is to provide our customers with concise information in all aspects of our products. If you have questions about the products presented on this site we encourage you to submit your questions or concerns by email or give us a call on our toll free number.   
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Contact us by phone Toll Free: 866-467-9313
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