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DRILLClock Timers For Coaching Athletics
Segment Timers, Practice Clocks for Coaching
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High School and College Athletics Coaches,
 Avatar Custom Electronics and DRILLCLock would like to offer you and your coaching staff an "assistant" for your training program. Our DM1-100 SEGMENT TIMER can free you and your staff from the time keeping task!
  Athletics Coaches from High School to the Pro ranks will be including electronic timers into their every day practice routines. Segment Timers have become a standard part of athletics training programs. Coaches are using Field Timers to keep the daily practice running smoothly. Segment Timers do the job of watching the clock so that coaches are free to coach!

  Our DM1-100 TIMER with large LED displays create highly visual and effective training tools for coaching. The DM1-100 TIMER has 100 Time Period segments that can be set independently from 1 minute up to 99 minutes each. Set your practice schedule using any or all of the segments. REST Periods can be inserted in between any of the time segments.

 The superbright LED Display and the "PLAY CLOCK" drill routine can give an offense and coaching staff the "real game pressure" of working the clock. The DM1-100 TIMER "PLAY CLOCK" routine can be adjusted for a duration of 5 to 99 seconds.  The DM1-100 TIMER gives your coaching staff an easy to use platform for creating dynamic drill routines. Standard routines include the 1/100th of a second "STOPWATCH" timer and the "BUZZER" timer, countdown to buzzer that is settable in 1/10th second increments.
DrillClock LED display 20inch numbers
MAX20 LED Display 20Inch Numbers
DrillClock LED display.
DSP-15SL Display with 15Inch Numbers
  Our DRILLClock timers are the product of our commitment to design and build the best timer for coaching athletics. As you prepare to navigate the changing world brought on by COVID-19, we want to insure our Segment Timers continue to be most effective with the least hassle part of your training program. We are offering free service for your DRILLClock timers, regardless of age or warranty status. We want our Segment Timer to stay on your practice field! see more...
 The DrillClock DM1-100 TIMER offers a highly visible super bright LED Display with numbers up to 20inches tall. The system includes a 73" tripod stand for clear viewing at over 100 yards. Choose battery or AC power for easy setup on the practice field. This is the "Field Timer" for athletics!
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