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 Avatar Custom Electronics Privacy Statement

             Avatar Custom Electronics, (ACE) will not share our customer’s information with anyone. We do not receive information that identifies visitors to this website. ACE uses Google Analytics and AdWords to place the DRILLClock products in potential customers search results. Details that we receive identify a geographic area for visitors but we do not receive any information that identifies you or your computer. We are not responsible for the information that Google or it’s many divisions might gather in it’s business activities. We do not use third party management of our email or address books.  Access to your customer email address is restricted and will not be given to anyone.

             We would encourage our customers to inform us should they become aware of the ACE website being used as a means to send spam or any other type of email. ACE will solicit customers by email no more than three times a year. These will be sent to our previous customers and to a private list of potential customers that has been generated by ACE. These emails will be easily identifiable and will include a link to have the email address removed from the list if the customer wishes. Random mass emails to other email accounts is not done by ACE. If you receive anything in you mail that contains by name or reference to ACE or any of its brands we hope that you will contact us immediately. If you receive an email from ACE that you are not interested in, we hope that you will click on the remove link at the bottom of the page. If this is not effective you may call us by phone to get prompt service and an apology. ACE will report any and all instances of spammers who would use our site to promote their agenda. We avoid the use of pop ups and many of the other available advertising techniques that are used on the internet. Most of these require third party code that is out of our control. Our site might be boring by some standards but it remains safe for our customers.


             We share your wish that everyone using the internet should do so in a way that is fair and honest. We are however willing to do what is necessary to identify and stop those who attempt to use this site in an exploitive manner. If you have questions or comments about the ACE policy on this matter or anything concerning this site please click on this link below and send us an email:



If your email address is on our list of potential customers and you would like it removed please click this link: 


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