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             We encourage you to send your questions or call about our products and services. If you get our answering service please leave a message or a number so that we can return your call.  We will reply to your email in less than 24 hours, 7 days a week.


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Call us on our toll free number:                             1-866-467-9313


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What Is In A Name?


             Why would you call your website one name and name your company another would be a fair question.  The answer is that when we started the Avatar website years ago, someone had the name avatarcustomelectronics.com so we had to modify it in order to have a similar name. In the years since starting the website the name became available and so we bought it.  So now avatarresearch.com and avatarcustomelectronics.com both lead to the same place which is our home page.               


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